Kindness of Strangers

I am so happy to receive this book from Michele, who kindly had a giveaway on her blog and gave one to me although I wasn't officially the winner. Michele even delivered it to my front door!

It is a beautiful book showcasing Michele work (can you see on the right? That's Michele's applique! I know!).

Of particular interest to me in the book is the Morris & Co's South Australian story. Fancy a sitting room with all the Morris trimmings?

Michele also gives directions for six projects with full size pattern sheets and lots of pictures. Available here. Thank you so much, Michele!

And the wonderful tapestry The Adoration of the Magi, from the collection of the Art Gallery of SA. One of my favourite Christmas card images.

We are off for a few days to stay in Clare to see the start of the Tour. It should be just perfect weather. Lots of yummy pub meals and Tour atmosphere!


Linda said...

such a beautiful book! and such a lovely thing for Michelle to do! I adore William Morris works and the whole Arts and Craft movement. I am sooo happy you subcribed to the mags, you will love them so much, EC talks to visual artists as well as crafty peeps

Tamara said...

I love William Morris and his works. Funny then that I actually married a Morris.

When we went to England, Ella and I enjoyed visiting the Victoria and Albert museum where they have a lot of his work.

My mum recently bought me a lot of William Morris fabric, but I have no idea what do to with it.

Kris said...

I love the title of this post. It's not a bad world, is it? More kind people than you expect! Have a great tour down under!

Levin said...

the book is lovely - her work is amazing.
enjoy clare - it's always fun to be a part of the action - especially with a wine in hand ;-)

Kate said...

That is a beautiful book - i have all the needlework ones, must have a look for that one.

AMIT said...

Wow really good that you got this book.Lucky you are.

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beck said...

Gorgeous book and I too loved your post title. Glad you are having fun and finding time for happy snaps with spunky fellas! xo

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn just popping in to say hi and wondering how you are????

Linda said...

oh Carolyn I am sooooo sorry I haven't replied to your lovely long email. Please know I think of it all the time and am just so slack at times, I remember it when I am nearly asleep. I hope to reply to you soon love and hugs Linda xxxxxxxx

Kelly Fletcher said...

There's a cushion inspired by the book in the latest issue of Inspirations embroidery magazine, too. Classic design.

lauren carney said...

hallo fox friend!
your blog is just splendid!
I enjoy your array of wonderment on display!
<3 merry christmas!
happy blogging! x x x

thea said...

gasp! I looove william morris, what a gorgeous book! how are you liking oz?



bigwords is... said...

That book is devine!! Gorgeous!

do you live in Adelaide? I do, and every year it's cool when the cyclists come to town!! Lots of hot men in tight pants!!

Great to follow your blog, pop over to bigwords if you get a chance x

Erica said...

Such a lovely thing for Michelle to do! Have a great tour down under!

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Caitlin said...

So many places to stalk you now.

Did you see the Morris exhibits at the SA Museum a while back...swoon-worthy indeed.
Love me a bit of Morris. And some Rennie MacKintosh.

Julia said...

William Morris is great and I love his book. This one is especially amazing.