I’m on a roll with cooking at the moment. After the great Banana Famine of 2006, I got a little over enthusiastic when bananas dropped to $2.50/kg and now we have too many. So what to do? Banana cake of course!

My first batch was too sponge-like without enough texture. So I searched for a new recipe and found this. The first lot was just fine but a little soda-y so instead of plain flour, baking powder and bicarb soda, I used self-raising flour and a little baking powder: perfect! The method is like a muffin recipe: mix wet with dry until just combined. Super easy! And it has a lovely moist, open texture.

(I’m no photographer so this photo doesn’t show how yummy the banana cake is. Sorry about that!)

The great thing about is that you can adjust the quantities by changing the servings. My first batch was exactly as given then I decided to increase the recipe size to 50 (I know! Huge!) so that it made a large loaf and a large square. Needless to say, everyone at work and in the family is over banana cake now!

How good are these flour canisters? OK they are a flour company promotional thing but I love them because they are covered with retro images of cooking competitions of the 50s and 60s.

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evashouse said...

Lovely, lovely canisters! And what a yummy cake, a pity I'm so far away from you, but it feels like I can smell it. My kids would love it.