Hands Up

Whoot! Isn't html exciting!?! I fiddled and fiddled and succeeded in deleting the dodgy title and border in my new header. I deleted a bit of code and checked the page in preview. If it worked, I saved; if not, I discarded the changes. But success! Now it's just a plain banner.

I have a super-reflecto monitor and my header looks a bit difficult to see. But I've cursed enough this evening, I'll leave everything the way it is.

Thank you to Kirsty for proofing my banner for me (cos there's nothing like a typo in one's own blog header, for the love of god!).


Kate said...

Cool banner! Thanks for your comments on my bag - the pattern is my own one.

flamehair said...

I have to admit I bought the Olive and Archie patterns when they first came out months ago and have only just made them! I instantly fell in love with them but it just took that extra push for me to make them up. I also have the back pack patterns, and the knitted/felted jacket pattern as well. I really want the snowsuits too but I've told myself I have to make everything else first.

evashouse said...

I'm ready to do the swap!! What about you??