Ribbons Galore

My ribbon order has just arrived from Fiona at Ribbons Galore. They are so beautiful. I bought two very useful colours but now looking at the whole range, I think I could use all the colours in stock. I'd like to use a little piece of ribbon in the seam of some bags I'm making. Also I'm also so impressed and inspired by The Complete Adventures of Violet and Rose's labels that I'm going to make some myself. I'll keep you posted on that one.


Kirsty (boblog) said...

Sorry for that outburst, but you've found one of my haberdashery weak-spots; ribbons (and buttons).
VV Rouleaux in London is like having died and gone to heaven.

You've inspired me to blog! But first, work.

Violet & Rose said...

Good luck with the labels. Looking forward to seeing them. And that ribbon shop has velvet ric-rac! Wow!