Café Kids + Linen

My first ever Japanese craft book arrived in the post today. (Is there anything better than getting stuff in the post?) I have some doubts about my ability to work with the Japanese labelled patterns however the photos will be inspiration enough. I love their use of linen: soft pale colours teamed with an interesting cotton print. I realised I’ve got a couple of metres of neutral linen in the cupboard that could be any number of bags/tops/skirts (for little ones, that is). I also have a linen wrap skirt that I no longer wear (and noone would buy on eBay!) that would have about 1.5m of fabric. I’ve never cut into an (expensive at the time) item of clothing to make something else but I think it would be exciting to use something (that was a favourite for a long time). I’m a bit of linen junky and realise I’ve got lots of old shirts that I don’t wear anymore, mostly white and pale pink. Instead of putting them into recycling I will cut into them. Often they have lovely shell buttons so I’ll salvage those as well. I feel quite inspired. As I’ve mentioned before, however, my sewing machine is in storage so I’ve feeling a bit antsy!


miss marzie said...

You have inspired me now. I have a whole lot of linen (I just love linen), and I have two gorgeous Japanese books. I never thought of cutting up my old clothes - what a great idea. Sounds better than someone else thrifting and finding my old shirt and doing the same thing !!!!

Trying Momma said...

Wow I might have to get a japanese book - I've seen them on others sites but this put me over the edge! I haven't made anything on my sewing machine yet but just looking at them is inspiring me to get going.