Knit It

I’ve been knitting up some little bags recently and yesterday felted this one with a small pink flower. I think I’ll sew the flower on with a big bright button in the middle somewhere.

Now I’m working on a small tote bag on circular needles. Why I didn’t think to knit them on circular needles before is beyond me. They’re so easy to use, no seams and all the same stitch (in my world, anyway). The colour of this wool is hard to see but in real life it’s grey-blue-purpley. I have been accumulating a stash of ribbon to trim the inside of the bags. On the little brown bag, I’ll add a tag of ribbon in the seam – I left a gap in the seam for this purpose. Being sewing deprived means I’m knitting up a storm. I think bags are it at the moment, with little beanies close behind.


miss marzie said...

your bag is just gorgeous, well done. I have never used circular knitting needles - you will have to show us how.

Linda said...

I love your bag!... (especially the flower :-))