I'm so glad Eva has received my swap parcel. It's funny to see stuff I've gathered together pictured on someone's blog. In the parcel were two little felted bags I knitted and a felted flower. I couldn't decide whether to sew the flower on either bag or if it should be a hairclip. The little round stamp is a ceramic echnidna I've had forever but couldn't think of anyone to give it to. It can be pressed into playdough, biscuit/cookie dough or pastry. I love his spikey outline and beady eyes. The yellow packets are Caramello Koalas, also outrageously nationalistic on my part and far too sugary on theirs. The Easter eggs are Haigh's, the best chocolate made in Australia. It's lucky they even made it into the package. (I was going to send a magazine but I think I chose the heaviest magazine in the country so had to leave it out.) There are also some ribbons from Ribbons Galores, some little buttons from my stash and a Country Road tea towel because I like tea towels! No other reason required. However, this is a big, waffley-weave plus being trimmed in my favourite green. Country Road might be a little OTT (but I think I paid 20% of the original price) but I love their homewares.

I'm also vintage button swapping with Kate. Kate makes these fantastic button necklaces. I love them!

I wished I'd thought of carding up my buttons like here. Next time. This swap has got me enthused about buttons again. I've had them out of the cupboard and nearly all have been sorted: by colour or by specialness. I bought some overpriced (my own fault) tins of buttons from eBay (I haven't received them yet) but then picked up some beauties at a local fete. It was at an aged care centre where I also found a whole lot of knitting needles (20c per bundle). All up, $3.70 spent. I wish I'd spent my eBay money at their fete instead.


Violet & Rose said...

Those cards were pretty impressive, eh? Just the thought that went into grouping them was pretty special. And next time you are going to that fete, let me know and I will definitely give you my e-bay money.

fossage said...

Thanks Carolyn for the great buttons I received in the mail, your's l on their way. I loe your site and yout creations :)

evashouse said...

Thanks Carolyn!!! I hope you receive your my parcel soon! ;)