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Having just received the latest Mailorder from Amy Karol's Kingpod, I checked out her super interesting FAQ. This in turn sent me to a great podcast of an interview with Amy at Craftsanity.

I loved listening to this podcast for two reasons. First, it was an interview about craft and art and creating! It was a revelation. People can broadcast a two-hour interview about craft. How good is that?

The other thing that fascinated me was hearing Amy's story of her art and design background, moving through different jobs and doing all sorts of creative things. I find it so interesting to hear what people do, in exquisite detail. I love people telling me about their daily life, whether it's a home life or working outside home. 'I know you're an architect... but what do you do?' I want to hear about what they do when they arrive at work. I sometimes say 'When you get to work, you put your bag down, then what?' I want to know everything!

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Kate said...

Podcasts are my new favourite thing! I love listening to people talk about their sewing and knitting.