Em has tagged me for 8 facts/habits. I'm always up for a lark. Any excuse not to do the housework!

(1) I usually lie about the number of hours of TV I watch. Think of a number, double it, etc.

(2) My mum let me go to sewing lessons with my older sister when I was 10. They were 'teenagers' holiday lessons and the teacher told mum that she couldn't take any responsibility if I sewed through my fingers. She didn't know that I already knew my way around a sewing machine and using patterns. I made a lot of my own clothes when I was a teenager. I chuckle when I see photos of myself because I look quite sweet. I wish I'd known at the time that I looked OK.

(3) I like being tagged and making lists, however, I do feel a need to confess my failings.

(4) At the birth of my nephew, I fainted. I'm always at pains to tell people that it was because of the overheated hospital, middle of winter, late at night, too many clothes, propensity to fainting… luckily I knew it was going to happen and could leave the room and faint quietly in the waiting area.

(5) I have fallen asleep at the cinema at all three Lord of the Rings.

(6) I also fell asleep at Georgia Rule: two hours of my life I'll never get back.

(7) My secret crushes are: Ben Mendelsohn, John Simm and John Cusack. See? I said this tag would make me confess.

(8) A lot of these facts seem to be about me fainting, sleeping or swooning! So I may as well finish with a mushy one: Mr J and I have been together for 8 years. He would call me O Best Beloved even before we were together, but not in a weird way. It made me stop in my tracks though. He still calls me OBB. And I love it!


Em said...

Oh I love #8. How sweet!

samantha said...

hey I'm a fainter and a swooner too! love john cusack. and number 8 is very cute.

Tamara said...

Oh Best Beloved - what a sweetie. I love nicknames like that