I’d love to post a fantastic crafty tutorial that would be wildly admired, replicated and shared. Instead here is tute to unblock your bathroom sink (I’ve recently become an expert):

  1. Throw half a cup of bicarb and a cup of vinegar down the sink
  2. Watch it volcano
  3. Throw a cup of bicarb and the rest of the bottle of vinegar in just because it was so much fun the first time
  4. Then pour a kettleful of boiling water down – listen to the gurgle and hiss
  5. Give the sink a couple of plunges with a plunger
  6. Hey-ho the sink is clear!

Now, it could have been any one of these steps that cleared it but I’ve found that all the steps together work a charm. It’s safe and effective and it doesn’t matter how much bicarb and vinegar you get on yourself, you won’t lose any skin.

*No photo with this post – I didn’t want to show my manky bathroom sink.


joanne said...

handy tip - thanks... love a good hiss in the drain!!!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I'm also a total fan of using bicarb and vinegar to clean the bath/sink/tiles/whatever.....it works well as a very mild abrasive, and is totally healthy to wash down the sink....

Leah xx