Google Me Up

grandmother goose

Joining in the whacky 'how they googled me up'. Here is a selection of the keywords used to get to my blog:

design your own netball uniform

brownie smoking badge (yes!)

tunisian orange cake (the most popular keywords)

how to make my house look nice n cosy (I get heaps of 'cosy' - sorry to disappoint)

hyena costume pattern (OK...?)

patternity (I was being cute with the title - I don't think my searcher was)

I took off my top (nice)

What's the news?

I'm watching the first season of Dexter. I think Michael C Hall is my new celebrity crush in a weird kind of way.

And I'm reading a book. (I know!) Actually, I've just finished reading a book. I have to start somewhere having not read anything for about a year. Also I've joined Good Reads which is a huge resource of information, reviews and general book chat. But I have to get into the practice of reading. My first book was Sushi For Beginners (chic/lit, rom/com): unchallenging and a bit of fun.

At the moment I'm reading The Gobbler by Adrian Edmondson. Also not very challenging but easy to get into and engaging: a soulless TV actor (think Hugh Grant) playing Richard III (think Black Adder) whose real life is a trainwreck. So far, so funny.

Grandmother Goose came from my grandmother. It hangs on the back of my door. I'm not sure if she made it. She was a great dressmaker and this looks a little like a school sewing project. So maybe one of my aunts did.


Shannon said...

design your own netball uniform? really?

(Im so jealous)

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Having a crush on Dexter is weird, but I get it. Such a very very good show.

Where do I get a brownie smoking badge? brilliant!

Leah xxx

Claire F said...

I'd like a brownie smoking badge too - I'll do a google!!

Victoria said...

I really like Grandmother Goose and think she's a very precious kitchen decoration. And her outfit is very nice!!

Bronwyn said...

Can I ask how did you find out how you were 'googled up'? Is it through Blogger? I can't find anything that tells me this info! Even Google! Ha!

Cosy said...

Bronwyn, that's a very good question!

I do it through Google Analytics (I made up 'google up'!)

Have a look at this link, get a log in and you'll be stepped through how to do it. You'll get a line of code to insert in your blog template. Then when you check back at the Analytics reports from time to time you'll see where your readers are coming from (countries, other sites linking to you, how they search and end up with you, etc).

At first it is addictive then after a while it becomes a bit... less so...

Good luck!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks so much! I found one called Icerocket Blog Tracker - which seems to do this sort of stuff - I get what you mean about addictive! I can also see myself eventually not caring too much! Thanks for the help.