Make and Do

A new Make and Do book, this time not from my childhood. But it would have been right up my alley when I was about 9.

I think this caterpillar pencil case looks like a great idea. Just a little inanimate (for an inanimate object!). Could do with some perking up.

I've never come across a coal glove before. Is it as traditional as a stocking?

But I'm stumped by the reins for a baby doll!


flamehair said...

Yeah because those baby dolls are notorious for crawling away when you aren't looking! Best to put reins on them and attach them to a chair or something. :)

Bird Bath said...

I love those retro craft up books - I find them very inspiring.
I know that in Germany St.Nicks side kick "Black Peter" would bring coal for the naughty children...this must be what the coal mitten is for.

BigCat said...

What a lovely book. I love old craft books too. What's not to love.

Kris said...

I had craft books like that when I was young. I loved them. I still have them. Can't bear to part with them!

Erin said...

Reins! you know, for when you are either riding a bucking baby doll or else hitching one to your wagon. how funny!

I've never heard of a coal glove, but I imagine that bird bath is right and that you might want one for naughty children. I was spoiled, so even though I probably deserved one, I always had a stocking instead.

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Levin (and Emily) said...

fabulous looking book - i remember books like them from my childhood. i also remember being a teenager and being 'so over them' - isn't it amazing how it all turns around and it's cool again.