I snagged the pyrex pie plate at the fete for 20c.

I also picked up some new books as a part of an auction pack. It included the Daring Book for Girls which I am loving. It has everything! I'll post some excerpts later. And it's an Australian edition.

The Change Your Image Change Your Life was with it. A friend thought it hil-ar-ious that I got it! Well, it wouldn't be my first choice. It's actually pretty crappy and outdated although published in 2005 so I think it will be appearing on the opshop bookshelves pretty soon.

The bottom three books are from Amazon. It's me being oh so arty and trying to do collage and stuff.

*Edited to add: The fabric is a sheet from the fete. Brand new. 20c. Got a second one the same but orange flowers. Brand new!

Also some old spoons, dessert and tea. You know the ones that never tarnish. I never have enough spoons.


CurlyPops said...

I'm in love with that sheet and dreaming about the orange one!

Drewzel said...

Hiya, are you planning on crafting up the sheet into something fave? could you please post a bigger piccy of the sheet, I think I might have the matching pillowcase...

Levin (and Emily) said...

fabulous finds at the fete. did you go to the waldorf fete?
a friend of mine tries to go every year - i always seem to be busy when it's on :(
i love your typewriter - i managed to score emily a portable one from the salvos on north east road. $5.75!!!!! what a bargain :)
do you know where to get ribbons for them?

angelique said...

I have the Collage discovery workshop book. I bought it thinking I was going to really get into doing something like that but alas no. Other things seem to have taken over!

BigCat said...

Are you enjoying "Taking Flight"? I really love that book. I also have the collage discovery workshop which I like too.

emma said...

My mum had that exact same pie dish! I'm going to check in the cupboards on Boxing Day to see if it's still there! Love it!