Krick und Krack, 1974

Krick und Krack, 1974, originally uploaded by batalie nirkle.

There are lots and lots of giveaways around at the moment including

No life without wife (the lovely Angelique)

Two Pink Possums (my ace friend Linda)

Silly Gilly (by Silly Gilly!)

Good luck! But not if I don't get there before you!


Kris said...

Thanks for sharing!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Sweet book!
And yes, come on down to the Silly Gilly giveaway! Thanks for mentioning me. :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link Carolyn! I WILL get around to that post I promised, I've had a couple of days in bed and have to get around to taking the photos!!

angelique said...

cheers for the link and thank you for calling me lovely!

I am liking looking at all your nice images :)