Short Straw

Carnival Straws, 1968, originally uploaded by Miss Retro Modern.

The lovely Drewzel tagged me for this one, so here we go.

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  • Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
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*I'm not tagging anyone. Sometimes I feel dopey doing it and don't even tell people I've tagged them. How dopey is that!

Six Unspectacular Things

(1) I have size 9 feet, have done since the age of 12. Bloody hard to get suitable size 9 shoes when you're 12 (when I was 12 anyway, less so now I think).

(2) I reached the peak of my netball playing career when I was 12 in Year 7 because I was the tallest (see above). Got Equal Best Player.

(3) When I started school, I disliked playing; I wanted proper work to do. So when everyone else had free play at the start of the day, Carolyn got worksheets.

(4) When eating a sausage roll, I eat the pastry first.

(5) I like milkshakes in tin containers.

(6) And I always drink with a straw. I have a jar of straws in the kitchen.


Bird Bath said...

ha, that's funny about the worksheets. Sounds like you were very industrious!

trashalou said...

With the exception of the over-developed work ethic and the sausage roll eating I think we could be twinners!

I remember at 12 trying to buy shoes at Myers and being sent up to the mens' dept!

katiecrackernuts said...

I like the old milkshake containers too. The shakes are so cold your teeth hurt. Question: What do you do if you visit someone and they offer a glass of water? Do you need a straw? Do you carry them with you? A quirky quirk. I love it.

Kris said...

A fascination with straws, huh? Staws are the best!

CurlyPops said...

I have a jar of straws in the kitchen too..I pretend that they're for my nephews but they're really for me... and milkshakes definitely taste better out of a tin container with a straw too!

Stomper Girl said...

Is the straws a germ thing? Or a lipstick thing?

Levin (and Emily) said...

i have size nine feet and reached my netball high in grade 7 too! we could be
i don't think i ever wanted worksheets though - i wanted to play, play, play!!!

Drewzel said...

I was tallest in grade 6 and then stopped growing. meh.