Caution to the wind

Whew, that was an unexpected blog break.

What's the news? I've starting a course in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft. I'm four weeks in, one day a week. And I love it so much. Mrs Picklesticks gave me some great insights into the course; she did Textiles and I'm doing Painting and Drawing.

It's such a joy to do art for a whole day a week. And there's homework too.

We're concentrating on drawing at the moment: line drawing, mostly in pen. There is also painting (water colour, acrylics, oils), mixed media, printing and digital images.

Did I say how much I love it?

My other news is that I've resigned from work. Well, I've given notice that I'm leaving at the end of term. Gosh, was that ever a relief.

I need a change and just want to do something else. So I'm going to do art for a while and then think about another job. I'm throwing caution to the wind!

Gosh! And I missed my 2nd blogoversary! More later!


Levin (and Emily) said...

hey congratulations!
it sounds like you are taking control of your life and having more fun. life's too short to spend too much time doing the boring stuff :(

Bird Bath said...

Wow that sounds exciting - the art course must be very inspiring.Hope to see some of that homework :)
And you do sound relieved about work..good luck with your new adventures.

Kate said...

How exciting! I love throwing caution to the wind and seeing what happens!

Stomper Girl said...

Good for you! You sound so happy it brought a big smile to my face. And happy belated for the blog-versary.

Melanie said...

Brave and exciting move! Cant wait to see how you adventure pans out. A change is always an adventure:)

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Congrats! I'm very envious of your course, sounds amazing!

Kris said...

Fantastic! Sometimes the only way to do it is to just get out there and do it. So glad you are enjoying it too. I hope you show us more of your work! Looks good!

Jenny said...

Good on you! Sure sounds like you are living your dream-enjoy! I wonder where you are doing your course-is it the art centre in Norwood or somewhere else? Have fun:)

Kirsty (boblog) said...

Wow, sounds like quite a change! But if you felt relief on leaving then it sounds like it was the right thing to do. And congrats on your 2nd anniversary.

Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful Carolyn, it will be sooo great for you to do what you love! Great news about your job too!! Living dangerously like that is the best way to go I think, something always comes along you wouldn't of discovered if you hadn't "thrown caution to the wind"

Victoria said...

COngrats on your 2nd blogiversary!
The course sounds so good, I would love to do that - something to dream about when the last kid finally starts school..