Life as Fiction

Dear Internets, oh how I've missed you! *Sigh*

I'm reading lots of books, and saving money, because I have rediscovered the library!

And there are these great places like Goodreads and LibraryThing where I find books and get recommendations.

Then I search my local library's catalogue (online, from the comfort of my house *cough* bed *cough*!).

Everything I Knew

I've just read Everything I Knew by Peter Goldsworthy: fabulous story of adolescence that is far more complex than just a crush on the hot new schoolteacher.


I'm also reading Elsewhere and 13 Little Blue Envelopes. YA fiction rocks!

I'm lucky to have friends who are English teachers and Teacher-Librarians who know everything and make great recommendations.

So thank you Internets, bloggers and books, for keeping me sane.


Jenny said...

It is great to escape into someone else's life for awhile-thanks for sharing the recommendations-always on the look out for a good read

Levin (and Emily) said...

these look like great books. i've just started library studies and am spending lots of time in the library - as a result i've found lots of good books! the downside is that i don't have time to read :(
aren't libraries absolutely fabulous though - and online catalogues are just brilliant.
enjoy your reading

labeck said...

Thanks to you (on goodreads), I just started reading Thirteen Blue Envelopes. Looks good!!

I also get loads of ideas from stores like Target's book section where I take photos of book covers of books that appeal to me - and then I later look them up (from home!) on my library's catalog. Saves me money AND they usually have 90% of the books.

Corrie said...

oops you've just reminded me my library books are due back today! I haven't even read them but extended once! uh oh thanks for the reminder...we love the library I just borrow too many books to get through!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn I am so sorry but it seems Mad Men is not starting it is not in the tv guide and it has now gone from Google where I found it I have emailed SBS but I am so sorry if I got your hopes up!! we will have to buy it