Christmas Greetings

christmas season, originally uploaded by marqos.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Be easy on yourself. Don't overextend yourself and make yourself miserable. Do something small to make yourself happy. Do something small to make other's happy.

I hope your Christmas is better than expected.

These are my little maxims for Christmas this year.

We're in Melbourne until 6 January. (Tell me if I've said this before? We're so excited that I keep repeating myself! To everyone.)


Stomper Girl said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours! Have a lovely stay in Melbourne town. Are you meeting any bloggers? I'd be up for coffee after Christmas... Cx

Levin (and Emily) said...

merry christmas to you too.
have a wonderful time in melbourne and we will 'see' you in the new year.

angela said...

Merry Christmas!! Have a great time in Melbourne, the city in Australia I think : )

Cute photo!!

leslie said...

hope you had a great christmas and have a fabulous 2010!

Anonymous said...

!!!!!BONNE ANNEE 2010!!!!

cala said...

*****BONNE ANNEE 2010****

Anonymous said...

happy new year Carolyn xxxxx

Just be...... said...

Just happened upon your Blog. Love the little maxims... Love your paintings too! Sad that I was to late to the giveaway party :( .

Have a fabulous new year!