Shiny Stove

I find something intrinsically satisfying about a clean stove. I am no neat-freak but love to shine my stove. Luckily it cleans up pretty easily even with baked-on, caked-on gunge. It was a great day when I discovered that the knobs came off for easy cleaning. Alas, I have never attempted to clean inside the oven. I think, one day, I will enlist the services of a professional cleaner.

Today I bought two shiny new canisters. I adore the pale-pale, duck-egg-blue, and the contrasting shiny-shiny deep red. The little measuring cups were a bargain at a favourite two-dollar-shop, a little posed in this picture, I know. But I love lining them up like three little ducks. And they measure accurately – I checked! So what have they to do with my shiny stove? Nothing really – I rested my camera on the stove to take the photo.

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