I came across this entry in Wordlab, Wordboard Naming and Branding Discussion Forum (OK, I'd googled 'Comfy & Cosy'!):

Comfy & Cosy

Comfy - adjective: providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief ('comfy' is informal) (Example: "Feeling comfy now?")

Cosy - adjective: enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space'

What's catchy here is that you are setting up two adjectives as names, like partners that work together to provide services.

This is interesting because this is the feeling I want to create in this blog. Maybe it is something I feel but if I can express it to others, great. It's the feeling of being comfortable and secure at home, surrounded by familiarity and the comfort of family.

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flamehair said...

I'm looking forward to being 'comfy and cosy' back at home in Adelaide, surrounded by the safety of my family once again. I grew up there and only left because I thought I'd outgrown the place, but now I realise I just needed space to grow up.
Oh and by the way, I didn't see your comment about the Ottobre maternity top I made until the other day. The magazine is Issue 02/2007 (the most recent women's issue.)