Happy Birthday

Today it is my Dear Heart’s birthday. He is working all day but will come home for a special birthday dinner treat of homemade pizza, with sponge cake (with cream and strawberries) to follow. We always seem to celebrate a birthday week (if not month) as he will be working long hours this week so celebrations will be had with friends next weekend.

This is his favourite painting Collin St, 5pm by John Brack.

When we were last in Melbourne and visiting the Ian Potter Centre of the National Gallery of Victoria, we sat in front of the painting for quite some time. J was very excited to see the original painting.

Another of his favourite John Brack’s painting is Self Portrait which he has stuck above his desk at work.

Happy birthday to my best friend.

*I was going to add images of the paintings but copyright freaks me out.


Jessicah said...

Strawberries and cream- Yum! Have a good evening.

Jessicah said...

turns out you're the only brave one out there! If you send me an email (jessicah . riley @ gmail) with you're postal addy, I'll pop the scarf in the mail for you in the morning! Thanks for commenting :)

kirsten said...

you have been tagged! sorry... please check out my blog at this link http://assemblage.typepad.com/assemblage/2007/05/seven.html
and tell me some random facts about yourself (or not - no pressure!) btw, your man has great art taste. :) hope he had a great day.

Charlotte said...

ha - we love having birthday weeks in our household as well.

and homemade sponge - fantastic!!

: )