Bangle Angle

Thanks for all the friendly comments about the patches and ricrac. The unexpected second-hand finds are the best.

Not doing much in cosyland except cruising the Internet. We had a day of no Internet last week and it felt like the end of the world! Unfortunately, even a call to a friendly customer service person in India couldn't locate the problem (don't get me started on the frustration, mostly because the telephone line quality was appalling and neither of us could hear each other). J is now checking every hour that the Internet isn't broken. It's like no TV!

I am living vicariously through other people's creativity, especially tutorials and patterns:

  • Jodie at Ric Rac has the most wonderful tutorial for make knitting needle bangles.
  • Leslie's tute at One Girl for printing on fabric
  • Jhoanna at One Red Robin for a Ruby doll
Roger. Over and Out.


Sheeps Clothing said...

Why is Sister Bertrill on that tin and why is she carrying coffee???

h&b said...

Remember Sally Field in "The Flying Nun" ?


Of coffee, she would have abstained, i'm sure ..

samantha said...

I think it is worse than no tv - just worse! maybe that's because I'm never allowed to be in charge of the tv remote, whereas the computer is all mine!

Cosy said...

It was a fairly obscure image to illustrate my post.

Droste is a Dutch brand of cocoa and it came in this lovely tin starring Sr Bertrille. So Sr Bertrille is actually serving cocoa. (Or cocaine, as J seems to think.)

I just Wikipedia-ed The Flying Nun and it seems Sally Field was pregnant for much of the show. So lots of clever obscuring was needed.

Claire Falkingham said...

Thanks for sharing the tute links, I've got so many saved in my faves now - and so little time!