Home Again Home Again

I'm home from work today, having a mental-health day. And doing this: tea and toast.

Here's a picture of the recipe posted previously. Trust me, it is yummy despite the photo. The big chunks are potato and pumpkin. Maybe I shouldn't use the word chunks in a food post...

Thanks to Joanne for commenting on my ability to eat 2/3 of the recipe (with a 600ml Coke). Noice. I want to clarify that I ate 2/3 of the small casserole dish = 1/4 of the total recipe = 1 egg, 1/8 cup cream... yeah, yeah, yeah. Sounds like a total justification, doesn't it?

I've been trawling through Leah's renamed blog today. Read the old one from start to finish, now that's the way to spend a day off work! She a clever, creative and fabric-addicted girl. You've got to love it!

Talking of work, I wish I could blog about it. It would never end, trust me! But I kinda don't want to be sacked citing blog-abuse. (Just deleted an anti-work statement... it's a slippery slope!) Like, what are the chances of anyone I know let alone work with reading this? Yeah, I know...

Do you ever look at your Bloglines and think, 'Where did I find all this stuff? And why do I have 222 Bloglines?' I love-love-love new posts but sometimes find the number of blogs I've subbed to is just crazy. Unfortunately, I do the same with web pages that I ‘Favourite’ for later reference.

I have a big exception and that's Aus-NZ blogs and favourite crafty ones. Sometimes, on the others I'll click 'all read' and ignore them for another day. I must have seen something in them to subscribe in the first place but now I wonder what? I'm going to seriously cull these non-core blogs.


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Oooohhh....I'm blushing!
I cant believe you went back and read the whole thing!
Thanks so much!
Leah xxxx

Linda said...

Ha - I hear ya sista on work and subs.

joanne said...

well considering I just polished off 6 choc chip cookies and a chunky kit kat who am i to talk really??? and hoorah for mental health days!