Act Surprised

If you haven't already read Angry Chicken's blog, download the Christmas tags she has as a free download. They are my sort of tags particularly 'don't get too excited, this box was something else' and 'please act surprised when you open this, okay'. (Sorry about the bad photo!) Go on, download them. It's the nearest I'm getting to a handmade Christmas!

I am officially on holidays and still in my pyjamas. I have wracked up two afternoon sleeps (Sat and Sun) and intend to continue the habit to the end of the holidays.

Gift buying has extended as far as a couple of toys and books for some little friends... apart from that, nothing! Luckily some of the bigger kids in the family are getting money (hahzah!) but there's still my side of the family. Oh and J, but he's easy: a store voucher (that's what he wants hence the tag above!). So I'm going to head into town tomorrow at the crack-o-dawn and buy everything. I'm usually far more organised.


Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

Cute tags!
Afternoon sleeps are such a lovely luxury.
I often have an impromtu one if I happen to sit down between the hours of two and four. Must be something to do with body rhythms - the minute I sit during those times, I fall asleep.
Enjoy your break!

Kris said...

Hey! Organised is over-rated. We all get there in the end, and you have had a couple of much needed naps! All the better to cope with Christmas!