Lemon Icing

There is no doubt about the blogging community. There are commonalties and links everywhere between us. Thankfully we don't have to fall into a heap. I'm so grateful to all the wonderful comments and emails that have come my way after my last post. I'm not falling in a heap. I'm keeping going. It's been like thinking through custard but it gets better.

Blogging hasn't been on the top of the list of things that must get down but I'm slowly trying to reintroduce it. Work is taking up a lot of energy. On the weekend I cooked a meal for the first time in weeks (apart from cold meat and salad!). We've been eating out a lot! And I must say the old chicken schnitzel and roast potatoes tasted fantastic! I think my appetite is returning and too my desire to cook a little.*

I made some cupcakes in these cool brown cases that I saw on Hop Skip Jump and bought them from the General Trader. I made the All Together Cake from Frankie magaine (why haven't I known about Frankie before? It's such a good magagine! Cool and hipper than I am but just daggy enough that I can relate and aspire a little!)

The recipe called for beating the mixture for 6 minutes. I thought that sounded a bit over enthusiastic and 3 1/2 minutes seemed to suffice. They came out just fine and topped with lemon icing (really simple icing sugar and lemon juice - yum!). The texture is like an old fashion plain cake: moist but coarse and crumbly. Delicious!

*I made delicious crumbed garfish for tea tonight. With roast potatoes. Double yum!


Tamara said...

So wonderful to hear you are feeling better. It is so comforting to see the signs of your normal self coming back; cooking, blogging etc.
Have a great day.

Hollabee said...

it all looks and sounds delicious..yummm

Jelly Wares said...

Welcome Back... So sad to hear that you took a turn for the worst over the holidays.... I absolutely love your blog and love reading about all of your op-shopping and thrifty finds... You'll be in my thoughts through this difficult time... The little cakes look gorgeous!!! I love lemon icing, haven't had it for so long, don't know why?? The curtains that you scored are gorgeous too... I'm very jealous!!! What are your plans for them??


Jodie said...

Great to see you back and i am glad you are "keeping going" too.

Anonymous said...

so glad you are getting back into stuff! those cupcakes look devine!!! I looove lemon icing (not as much as chocolate icing though of course yummo!)

Cathy said...

Glad to hear your doing much better - cooking always help and those cupcakes look fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

yum what are those cake things
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