Got My Marbles

A good op-shop day: a large linen teatowel, a linen tablecloth, two gingham tablecloths and a fantastic tartan, woollen picnic rug.

Oh, and some marbles.

For J.

Just for fun.


Cathy said...

love the top linen cloth!!Lucky girl

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you back around these parts! Good loot- I'm hankering for some op shop goodness- my best store is open when I'm at work all day...does sick leave count for op shopping?!

Jelly Wares said...

Great Finds!!!! Must of been your lucky day..


Stacey said...

You found marbles - I've lost mine!!
Sorry - crap joke I know. My boys would love those marbles. I banished all theirs after standing on one barefoot during a late night stumble to the bathroom in the dark.

joanne said...

what a score - a woolen picnic rug! good work!

h&b said...

Marbles scare me !

I always picture myself going arse-over-tit, or doing one of those wild balancing scrabbles as my legs move at a million-miles-an-hour like some old Loony Tune cartoon.

No marbles here :p