Lino Love

Suzi Sparrow brooch

Isn't the internet the most amazing place? For me it has created connections in lots of places and so much creative inspiration.

I love Betty Jo Designs and when I saw this lino…


…at my friend's house just before its demolition, I grabbed a couple of pieces and sent them to Liz aka Betty Jo Designs.

And Suzi Sparrows is the result! Liz used some lino in the wing of the Suzi Sparrow brooch and sent it to me!

I absolutely love the brooch and put it on and wore it straight away. I will show the brooch to my friend. Now he'll now why I was so excited about the lino; he's an artist so will understand.

Note to self: Must learn to use this camera properly! It took nearly 20 shots to get a photo in focus. In the end, I took off my top and took the photo lying flat on the bed!


Linda said...

Lucky you. Those brooches are so sweet.

Stacey said...

That is such a gorgeous brooch and a lovely way to use such pretty lino.

Stomper Girl said...

Wow, great brooch. And made from lino?? like the stuff on the floor? Fantastic.

Jodie said...

The brooch is lovely , I have a Betty jo owl and whenever I wear it, people always comment on it.

Kris said...

That lino is amazing! So pretty. I would put that on the floor at my house for sure! Still, it makes a lovely brooch too.

Levin (and Emily) said...

fabulous brooch. it's amazing what people can use these days to make things. i love the fact that so much is recycled as well - it not only makes the world a better place, but it creates things of beauty!

Betty Jo said...

Glad to see miss sparrow is safe!
xxx Liz @ Betty Jo designs

Claire F said...

I've the same camera problem, my 4 yr old takes better photos than I do! I do so love blogging though, and I shant let it stop me!

LOVE the brooch! Good to see that's how it's spelt too - I always go with broach! So frenetic I am!

Susan said...

Love those Betty Jo brooches. Last time I was in Melbourne I bought one of her owl brooches. Never fails to be commented on when I wear it.
I'm now really annoyed that we sent all the old lino from our house to the tip about ten years ago. Even though it was damaged and worn through in many places, it could have reached a better home.
Have you seen Rosalie Gasgoines art work using old lino? Wonderful.