Things that make me happy

Bird Bath has been having A Week of Happy. I'm a bit slow to join but nevertheless I here!

This is what is making me happy. This is a beautiful gift from Jodie: a note purse (with lovely soft woollen lining), a crochet washcloth and a soap that I can't stop sniffing! Plus a beautiful handmade card.

A big thank-you, Jodie, for this wonderful parcel. I'm really touched by your thoughtfulness and craftiness.


Jelly Wares said...

I'm so thrilled that you loved everything I sent you Carolyn and it makes me so happy to hear that it has made you happy!!

Jodie ;)

sarah bean said...

looks luffly! yay for happy presents :D

Jodie said...

Lovely presents, that jodie is a sweetie isn't she?

Kris said...

I am loving Bird Bath's week of happy! I joined in too and it's amazing because I've had a really happy week! Don't know if the week was actually any different, or if looking for 'happy' was the difference! I loved your gifts. You are lucky!