Blogging and other Giveaways

women in aprons

Go and check out some bloggy giveways.

The Small Stuff

Two Pink Possums

You SEW Girl

It's rather fun to win, especially the delicious stuff on offer.

Edited to add: Check out Snailblazer's giveaway too!

Am I diminishing my chances of winning?


Cass said...

I've got a giveaway too if you want to check it out

Janet said...

oooh I love the photo of those ladies with their washing and baskets...

Nikki said...

Thanks for the link!!

Glad to see that you enjoyed your trip to Melbourne. I often wonder if it would be a good place to visit (it's a great place to live, but the two don't necessarily go together). Glad to hear that it IS. Next time you'll have to pop in and see us too!!

h+b said...

Snowy white AND sanitary !??!

Forget giveaways, gimme some of that laundry action !