Owls & Flickr

owlsculpture, originally uploaded by Comfy & Cosy.

Flickr is driving me a little crazy. I can't see the last six or so images I've uploaded.

Can you see this owly scupture in Melbourne and click through to Flickr and see it there?

Solution might be to delete and start again.

Small issue but important!

*Edited to add: Thanks for the comments. I can see Flickr at work (ahem!) but not at home. Have to keep working on it!


sarah bean said...

Yep, I can click through and see it at flickr. There's about 3 newer photos, then two of the owl, mosaic, roston knitting mill...

Hate it when stoopid pooters behave stoopidly ;)


Janet said...

it's there. I have issues like that with flickr too, and with the uploadr. But normally it's OK if I come back to it

I know where that sculpture is, but have never gone for a good look.. now I will.

h&b said...

Beautiful photo.

All showing up for me too!

katiecrackernuts said...

Thank you for the tip on penny rugs. I made mention of it on my blog. Change one word and a wealth of information is suddenly at my fingertips. Where had you seen them before?

katiecrackernuts said...

The trip is always worth it. Did you choose to travel to see the V&A art deco exhibition? I've already been to Melbourne once this year, in March, and will go next year, also in March. So it's been a bit of a Melbourne explosion this year.