The Frozen North

Have you met Pierre? He lives way up north were it's nice and frosty and cold.

Pierre lives alone, just him and his gun. See his gun.

Pierre meets a lovely lady bear, and they go on an outing.
Or a wedding. With his gun.

Soon there is a baby Bear.

Who gets his own little gun. Just like Pierre Bear.

One day Pierre and little bear go hunting

What lovely coats those seals will make.

Very handsome coats.

Oh yes.


meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

What a LOVELY story!?
Really completely bizarre!
The poor seal!
I need to lie down now!

Anonymous said...

I feel cooler already! But what a sad sad story!!!!

Cosy said...

I left out the bit were Pierre shoots a moose. Just too sad!

Arthur's Circus said...

we have this book too and I have been meaning for ages to blog about it, in all it's un-pc glory. Now I don't need to.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I thought 'Playtime Poodles' was odd, this takes the biscuit -Bizarre, truly bizarre.