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This afternoon's temperatures were:

04:30pm 44.9
04:00pm 44.9
03:30pm 45.1
03:00pm 43.9
02:30pm 44.9
02:00pm 44.6
01:30pm 45.0
01:00pm 44.0
12:30pm 44.0
12:00pm 43.6
11:30am 42.6
11:00am 41.8
10:30am 40.7
10:00am 40.1

The maximum (so far) was just in time for the kidlets to leave school.

It's just getting silly now.

Edited to add: The maximum was 45.7.


Kirsty (boblog) said...

Madness. Don't you have guidelines about maximum temperatures, above which it's too dangerous to be at school?
We have guidelines for the minimum indoor temperature; if it falls below 16, apparently we can all go home. There's no danger of that ever happening in my new classroom, but on a cold day at my last school, the headteacher would be in and out of my room (two entire sides of which were floor to ceiling single-glazing) every hour, checking the thermometer. We never got to go home, though.
Good luck coping with it if it continues. 45 is extremely dangerous - the proteins in your body start to become denatured. Not good.

Bird Bath said...

sheesh...I thought it felt extreme. my littles are walking around with wet flannels on their heads. I'm very sulky in this heat :(
Hope your coping.enough.

sewfunky said...

that's just crazy temperatures! I'll never complain about ours again...

Jenny said...

Madness indeed! It is hard teaching in this weather and the kids stay in at lunch time too-wonderf what they'll be like this time next week! Oh for some cool and green and that lovely wet stuff that falls from the sky!

Janet said...

that's just too damned hot. it got to 43 here today and there's another two days before it drops into the 30s.

still we don't have it quite as bad as you. hope you're finding some way to keep cool.

beck said...

It's too stinking hot! ahhh!! By the way your temperature 'record' reminded me of a bit of paper I found recently with the times of my contractions (fourth baby I think) on it! x

fiveandtwo said...

It's hideous, this heat. So relentless.
Today was somewhat cooler so I spent the day gardening, hopefully to allay further damage. I did plant out the straggly seedlings that had been on the front deck needing to be planted out for weeks. They will be so vulnerable. I have laid in a stock of old net curtains from the op-shop to fling over their delicateness when it heats up again.