Am I ever gonna see your blog again?

I wonder how long it takes to be excluded from the blog club?

You know, if you don't use your library card for years, they cancel it.

I was just thinking that if I don't hurry up and post, my blog membership card might get cancelled.

So much to say, so little time!

No, not really. I have to say that since giving up work (last week) I've been as busy if not busier. I'll have to work on that.

I can highly recommend leaving work and especially giving lots of notice. I was inundated with presents. Really good ones too. Work gave me an iPod (I know!) and various people gave me wine, a handmade bag (I'll have to show that because it's right up my alley) plus a crochet monster, nectarine chutney, a great Maggie Beer cookbook.

And other stuff. But really, really good stuff and nice cards and heartfelt hugs.

Edited to add: Three bunches of flowers and an $80 beauty treatment vouchers (and that was from our printers! )

'What are we going to do without you?' You'll move on, that's what you'll do.

Really people, you'll miss me because I made your lives easier. End of story. I'll stay in touch with my close work friends but the rest. Nah.

I have lots of homework to do for art, mostly because I make work for myself. I choose the longer complicated road rather than a quick fix.

Yesterday I went to the Botanic Gardens to see a calligraphy exhibition. Beautiful!

I didn't take any photos of it though but did of the gardens. Such a beautiful retreat in the middle of the city.


Levin (and Emily) said...

Welcome back!

We recently went to the gardens and it was so deliciously green and lush - it was amazing. I took lots of photos and I love looking at them - especially as it's so dry and brown in our backyard :(

lucky you for getting so many presents - obviously you were a fabulous worker :)


emma said...

Me too, I also welcome you back. I never stopped visiting, but after a while I got a little tired of that last post! Looking forward to more beautiful photos.

Kris said...

It takes a REALLY long time for them to cancel your library card. (I know 'cause I once moved to the other side of town and spent 4 years loving another library before moving back and my library acted as though I had never moved away!) So I think you're good! (Did miss you though!)

Quitting work sounds profitable and fun! (Did you borrow that book from your library? "Quitting for profit and fun". Sorry about the library truisms and jokes. Can't seem to stop.)

The gardens are absolutely magnificent at the moment! I have had such lovely times there lately. Hope you are having fun with your art!

Pip said...

I think you are a lifetime member of Blogland! They don't cancel your card - they put your picture on the wall!

ingrid said...

YOur card will never be cancelled!
You have honorary lifelong membership!

Angie said...

Glad things are going well, the photos are lovely, the last time I was in Melbourne everything looked so dry!

You'll soon be wondering how you ever managed to fit work in. Looking forward to seeing your next installment.

Anonymous said...

great to see you posting girly!! oh my what fabulous presents they must of loved you!!!

victoria said...

The tree trunk photo is gorgeous - what a place! I love the idea of art homework, sounds good to me..

katiecrackernuts said...

I am soooo toying with the idea of a work change. I saw an ad for a three-day position an hour's commute away. I have been hanging on for long service, but as my partner said, in the time saved, you'd have had your long service so many times over it wouldn't be funny. It's not THE job though. We've made a pact. If we change jobs, it has to be for THE job.