Barossa Cookery Book

This dear little book was found at the Port Adelaide market last weekend. I considered buying a $75 mixmaster but bought the Barossa Cookery Book instead.

When I got home J said 'Why didn't you buy the mixmaster?' Why indeed... space being the optimum question/answer.

I love German cakes like struedel cake and Bienstich. I've been pouring through this cookbook since Sunday trying to determine the best (read: foolproof) German cake I could make.

German Coffee Cake

2 cups sugar
1 cup butter
3 cups SR Flour
4 eggs
1 cup milk

Streudal topping
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 lb (about 125gm) butter

Heat oven to 190C. Grease and line a springform tin.

Beat butter and sugar to cream, add eggs, then milk and lastly flour. Pour into tin.

In another basin, mix the topping ingredients: flour, sugar and cinnamon. Rub in butter to crumbs.

Crumble on top of cake mixture and bake for 60-75 mins. This makes a big cake.

Now, here's the hil-ar-ious bit. I misread the recipe. See that huge pile of butter in the red bowl. That's for the streudal topping. I thought the microscropic print said 1/2 lb butter.

It's actually 1/4 lb butter. The print was so tiny!

Small difference! So the topping is meant to be dryer and crumblier.


Don't worry about mistakes, I say.

'cept I can't show you the result because it's too embarrassing.

It did taste quite yummy though.

Does not posting a picture of the final cake defeat the purpose of a cooking post?


Levin (and Emily) said...

I have my very own copy of this book - they still sell it in the Barossa. Aren't the recipes great!
I would have bought the mixmaster too - I'm desperate for one.

ingrid said...

Mmmmmm, it still looks pretty delicious to me, extra butter and all!

My mother was Austrian and made wonderful cakes and pastries, including a fabulous struedel. You have brought back lots of delicious memories.

Suzy said...

Yummy is much more important than pretty when it comes to baking, I think. I love vintage cook books too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I would of made the same mistake as I am blind as a bat even with my glasses!!!! lovely recipe. and I LOVE Bienstich, haven't had it for a while, but when my sister came back from Germany we had waaaay too much of it!!!

Cosy said...

I wish I knew about this book earlier. It is so handy.

I was so pleased on the Cook & the Chef recently (don't know if it was an old episode) the Barossa CWA was featured and this cook book was shown! How good is that?

Building home said...

thanks for the recipe..

seo said...

Thanks for the recipe.. so yummy!

decorating fabrics said...

Thank you for posting the recipe and direction on how to make German coffee cake. I am now very excited to try making this at home.

katiecrackernuts said...

It looks good uncooked. I too always fail to get the camera out before the family has eaten the food. Thus there are a fair amount of half baked pics on my blog.