I have just made scones.

The best scones I've ever made.

No, really. The best EVA!

I think I've tried every recipes.

I've tried lemonade, cream. Rubbed in, cut in. Mixed. Prodded. Rested. Etc.

This is the reason.

Laucke's CWA scone mix. Who knew!

Available in Foodland in South Australia.

Yes, one scone is missing from the photo. Now three missing.

They taste great: light and moist inside, crisp outside, just a little sweetness, and none of the funny cloying doughyness I always get.

Hopefully some will be left when J gets home.
Luckily there were two packs in the box!


Anonymous said...

I made scones today!!! great minds and all that.... they look yummo, hope you had lots a cream and jam too I did

katiecrackernuts said...

Trust the good ole' C.W of A to come up with the goods.

Jenny said...

They certainly look very professional! Must give them a try!

Levin (and Emily) said...

These are fantastic aren't they!
And I love that they are available at Foodland. I love, love, love my local foodland - it's the best shop in Prospect! So much local produce, such good service - and they support small business unlike those other b*%!*^ds :)

Anonymous said...



Okay, enough, that was hard to type!

I just had a wee little look at your profile and for crying out loud, it could just about be mine! Wonder twin power, ACTIVATE!

m.e (Cathie) said...

hehhee, I like that!
I got a CWA cookbook for my birthday, it's also fabulous!