An Observation

Last night J and I saw King Lear with John Gaden. Actually, not with John Gaden. He didn't sit with us or anything. He was King Lear. However, we do feel a personal connection because we saw him at a shopping centre last week. In his car. Lucky for him, otherwise he would have been cornered by J for a chat. A looooonnng one.

Anyway, the observation. At King Lear. We were walking through the foyer before the performance and saw a couple having a drink and they were dressed like they'd just got married. (*See above, though she wasn't standing on a small table.) I mentioned this to J. Isn't that lovely. Having a drink. Strolling the Fessie Centre. Just the two of them. Perhaps on their way to dinner to celebrate with friends.

In we went, sat down. The couple walked past and took their seats. Mmm, I muttered to J. Are they actors who will emerge from the audience during the performance. There isn't a wedding in this, is there?

It was the cause of great discussion with the ladies next to us. One offered me $100 to go and ask if they'd just got married. I was tempted. I suggested that maybe she was going to get every dollar's worth out of the dress and didn't care what anyone thought.

We also mused that maybe it was the woman's work uniform. (Cruel but funny. We all laughed and snorted a lot.)

I can't deny we were making judgements. Maybe they were just married and were celebrating by see Lear. I know, who am I to judge.

Oh, and I'm officially addicted to icy poles. Lemonade and/or raspberry. Thanks.


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh, I was so hoping someone asked, of they did something to solve the mystery. Now I just need to know. I like the theory of getting your money's worth from the frock.

Levin (and Emily) said...

raspberry for me thanks. i became addicted to them when i was pregnant with my first in height of summer. addicted to raspberry icy poles and swimming pools :)
i would be too scared to wear a fancy dress like that out - i'm not big on being the centre of attention.
hope you enjoyed king lear

sarah bean said...

ok well now that's just frustrating.

what is the answer!!??

did it like, have the trainy bit and everything?

Stacey said...

If I had bought a dress like that, I'd be (a) standing on a table, (b) squeezing every possible amount of wears out of it and (c) covered in red drips because I too love red icypoles but cannot eat one without wearing most of it.
Funny post!

Cosy said...

I'm such a piker! I didn't ask therefore I don't know. I shall have to die wondering...