Bubble Tea

On impulse, I swung past the Central Market. I had a Bubble Tea! My favourite.

I went to the Central Market specifically for Bubble Tea. I even accosted a woman drinking one and asked where she bought it.

So this is my iced chocolate with mini pearl. Probably a bit short on pearl though.

I love a milky drink with ice that's not creamy. I think it's my age.

And I bought some notebooks from Morning Glory (am I a teenage girl?).


Tracey said...

oh bubble tea, can this possibly be addictive? I love the chocolate eclair tea, yummo, i want one.

Bird Bath said...

glad you found the bubble tea - I might have to try some, the flavours sound delicous. what are the bubbly bits made of?
Oh I can't resist many of the things at morning glory. There is another store that also has the cutest hair bobbles...just as well I have little girls - the hair accesories would look a bit odd on me :)

Levin (and Emily) said...

it's good to stay young at heart. i love your notebooks - and i'm a fan of monrning glory too - everything is so cute.

Tracey said...

got some bubble tea goodness today while mixing it up in xmas shopping hell. i asked what the pearls were and was told tapioca. happy it wasn't wheat.

Leahdis said...

Bubble Tea? Chocolate eclair tea? what am I missing out on? I have no idea what your talking about, but if its as good as you all are saying then I know I should be in on it. get it, got it, good..