Year's End

I made it. I finished all my work and have completed the first year of my course. It has been the best year. The Best!

It was actually one of the worst years in other ways with family stresses. However, the course and the people I have met have helped make it the best year.

We had our exhibition night yesterday. It took all day to set up and five minutes to take down. Always the way. Even in 43 degree heat, we were all enthused. We have lovely teachers and my class is so supportive towards each other and encouraging. It has been a fantastic introduction to painting, drawing and printmaking. (Ah, printmaking! My favourite!)

The painting above is my first acrylic painting based on a beautiful photograph by Jo. (Jo, you didn't know you had a red chair, did you?)

The second is a an exercise in layers and textures, based on the first painting. I took a small section of the first and made a new painting. Then took another tiny section from the second and made a third painting, above.

Ah round bald heads. An early line drawing exercise.

Then my first ever lino prints. The funny pale one is an embossed print, where the lino block is put through the press uninked.

I loved the printmaking process so much. My prints weren't always great but the doing and thinking and making was the thing.

I'm looking forward to next year so much. I have a different outlook on life, I think, because of this course, beginning to see in a different way. I'm just beginning the learning process and want to increase my technical knowledge and skill. And I want to loosen up and do more drawing and learn more.


Violet and Rose said...

Ooh, i love it! And it is all Margaret Preston-y, my very favourite artist. Well done. Good for you for stepping out of the old comfort zone (or is that the comfy & cosy zone?).

We have just had a change come through, so I am feeling your 43 degree pain. Hope it came through there much earlier.

And you know, that red just captures the tone of the chairs perfectly. Looks great against the pears.

Jo x

Kirsty (boblog) said...

Love the prints!

Stomper Girl said...

Great work! You have obviously worked hard this year! Sorry to hear about your family stress though.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for sharing, both your work and your experiences this year. I think I'll be linking to your post as you articulate what my year's been like (even though mine's been somewhat diluted as I've only been studying part time)

katiecrackernuts said...

Well done, it looks like it's been a great year. Your work looks outstanding.

Kris said...

Nice work! I love your art and I love that you have transformed your life. And all in 12 months. Impressive! Hope next year is even better.

Anonymous said...

WOW Carolyn these works are sooooo impressive I love them sooo much you are brilliant I have looked at your painting for so long loving it so much. It's all wonderful. LOVING your prints too. It's great you love your course so much. I truly miss mine and wish I could do it all again xxxx

Bird Bath said...

such wonderful artwork! how excellent that your decision to go to art school has been such a success. I'm glad that this direction has inspired you so much.

Levin (and Emily) said...

I love your artwork. where are you studying?
studying is a fabulous thing to do - isn't it. I can't believe how much it's change my outlook and how happy i am. don't get me wrong - i will never regret staying at home with my children, but it's nice to be able to do something different after 8 years at home. something for me.
goodluck next year - it looks like you've found your calling :)

Jenny said...

You should be very proud-these pieces are awesome-glad you enjoyed it so much

Tania said...

Hearty congratulations to you – you're stuff looks gorgeous (especially loving the textural piece - which is predictable of me cos I'm a bit of a sucker for some of the texture stuff).

PS. I love 'freaking'!