Aprons on Line

blue gingham apron

Blue gingham apron, unironed

orange flower apron Orange flower apron

Clothes line photos are the best. I remember every time I do it but forget in between and then think (again) 'clothes line photos are the best!'.


Linda said...

He he, yes I agree. Its like- look at me, Im so fresh and free swinging here in the breeze.

Kris said...

Those aprons are great. Even better outside. Seeing them swinging on the line in the sun reminds me of my grandmother! The apron wearing champion of the world. I remember watching her hang aprons out on the line!!!

sarah bean said...

oooh lovely! nothing like a clean apron :D

Maggie Pie said...

How cute is that apron with mice in aprons??? I'll have to try to take some photos on the clothesline, what a great idea.

Victoria said...

Yes, thankyou for remding me about clothesline photos.
LOVE the orange flowers, very much.