You can taste the difference!

Some great finds 'put aside' by my favourite rummage sale lady. She knows my taste!

Cake Decorating

woman's dayThe step-by-step cookery book is also a winner for some very homely cooking (though with rather too much offal for me!) and great Cornish Ware on the cover.

And some fantastic advertising. Who is Ethel Brice?*

*Edited to add: just worked it out - she's the author of the book!

White Wings Flour Advertisement

It's been Cauliflower Cheese and Tuna Mornay Week this week, while Mr J has been otherwise engaged.

Too dark now take a pic of the Tuna Mornay tonight. I might take one of the remains in the morning. I've made enough to sink a ship!

Sunbeam Mixmaster Recipe Book


Kris said...

Ethel Brice! Such a vintage name! My Mum had that mixmaster and mixmaster book!

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - great books. i have a couple of them too. i am always drawn to these vintage books - why would that be? i love things that have a history, that speak of days gone by, of different times. i don't often cook from them though - there is something about the word 'lard' that makes me cringe a bit.

made by maude said...

These books are great! I have a whole set of beaut recipe cards from the 60's/70's that give me many hours of (visual, not culinary) joy. :)

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Great finds there, strikes me that someone has dyed the little girls hair blonde, as her eyebrows are really dark! Mummy looks like she used the same batch of paroxide!

Ethel Brice, don't think she loved Fred, but you never know!

Hope you fall in love with making art again, it's got to be fun hasn't it?

Cosy said...

Oh, that is a scary thought that mum and daughter have the same bleached hair!

Arthur's Circus said...

looks like a great exhibition. I've always wanted one of those mixmasters. Where is Unley?...showing my Melburnian ignorance.

CC said...

What great finds..I also collect vintage cookbooks..and everything else vintage..(according to my husband)..:)..what a lovely blog you have..