And more holidays

This is one of my favourite bags of the minute. I bought it at an aged care fete. For four dollars! It's lined, made double of the same fabric. I think someone had that fabric in their cupboard for a long time and then decided to sew it up. (Thanks to Mr J for holding it up while I took a photo.)

The holidays are nearly at an end. I work in that crazy Education sector so I get a big Christmas holiday like the kids. Don't ask if I get paid for it because I don't. Just like teachers, I get defensive. So don't ask.

I've had so many posts rolling around my head lately. Holidays have been busy even though we've been holidaying at home. Busy in a lazy days kind of way.

My Paypal account was limited (ie frozen) last September, for unusual activity. That activity was me. Luckily that was about the time the Australian dollar took a dive but I was too annoyed to do anything about it until now. I jumped through the hoops and have just got it unlocked. And then promptly bought up big on Etsy. Buying crafting, paper supplies. Postage is the killer though. Eeek.


Levin (and Emily) said...

fabulous bag - love those great finds!
sorry you have to go back to work soon. the kids are not looking forward to going back :(

Bird Bath said...

That bag is amazing - so vibrant.
Those holidays disappear all to quickly. Seems like they will go on forever when they first begin, then bam! before you know it they're all but over.

Angie said...

love that fabric! I'm looking forward to seeing what other treasures you unearth in 2009.

I know what you mean about buying from Etsy being a bit expensive at times (these times!). I'm hoping to live vicariously through others purchases for a while so I hope you show some of your goodies off when you get them.

Kris said...

Postage is a killer! Love the bag! My kids are very excited to go back to school. It is amazing how quickly this loooooong break has gone.

Chrisy said... sympathies re going back to school...i was a teacher in the past and oh the hols go so quickly...enjoy seeing the op shops finds that you feature here...

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Fabbo bag!! God I love Etsy, but I am on a self imposed ban for a bit, so Paypal can freeze my account!

Lulu said...

That bag fabric is wonderful, so rich and colourful.