ironing for dollies, originally uploaded by Lulu at Home.

Before January leaves me completely, a little post to say I'm not at all happy about the weather.

43 degrees!

Forty three degrees, people!

It's beyond a joke, especially for the first day of school.

Think of those little mights doing the trek to school, especially on country buses.

I think my eyelids have melted.


Linda said...

Ecchh. I remember those hot Adelaide days. Killas.
ps that bag is awesome. Great find.

Levin (and Emily) said...

and 44C today......
we should have had an extra week's holiday :(
keep cool and sane - it wont last forever, it will just feel like it!

sarah bean said...

43 degrees!!

Violet & Rose said...

43 predicted for Melbourne tomorrow too, and my baby starts school .... I think I may be taking her big sister home with her at 12.30. Which reminds me, must put those water bottles in the freezer!

Anonymous said...

oh I hope you survive the heat!! I just heard it's 45 in Adelaide now!!!! poor little kids, that's why Tassie didn't change to 4 terms as it was silly to send the kids back to school in the heat of the summer so we stuck with 8 weeks, yet the first week of school traditionally is the hottest anyway!! LOVE your new bag too